Astrology 101: Intro

Astrology is as old as the stars, or at least as old as the first people looked up at saw those twinkling things that make their way across the sky at night. Over time it has shifted, changed, transmuted, and evolved vastly as humans themselves grew more complicated and reach their sights further into the cosmos.

The beauty of Astrology is how to utilize it for further self discovery, and self reflection. The further out we see, the more we reveal closer to home.

A horoscope is actually a snap shot of the actual solar system at the time of your birth. There are ten planets, yes the Sun is considered one (Actually a luminary), because this system is based on the Earth being the center of our System (a-Representing you, b-Called geocentric.If it were Sun centered, as in actuality it would be called heliocentric.)

On the out rim of this circle are the twelve signs, which means that each and everyone has those energies in you. It is where the planets sit that activates certain energies more than others.

Connecting the center to the outer rim are twelve slices called houses.

Signs are psychological processes.

Planets are psychological functions

Houses are where they are most active on a tangible level.

Those red and blue lines are called aspects: How planets talk and interact with each other.

What a horoscope looks like:


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