TBT: Bjork.

Throw Back Tuesday.

With the re-launch of Runaway Astrology. Every Tuesday, I’m going to bring back an old post.

This Week, I’m resurrecting a post about the Scorpionic/Plutonian Goddess, Bjork. How fitting for a scorpio to be the first post brought back from the dead.


BJORK: Our Strongest Alien Connection.

Triple Scorpio, no wonder she is out of this world. The biggest thing about a Scorpio Moon is how alien, and out of this world they seem. Hades ruling your insides, is bound to give you that out of this solar system icy edge to your make up.

Picean Fourth house fueling her Virgo Midheaven, deep subjective, even chaotic inner world being pushed through Virgoan Scrutiny. Along with Pluto and Uranus Conjuncting her MC. Deep, Dark, Plutonian power not only ruling her Primal Triad, but also guiding her on the Personal, AND Public/World Stage, wow. Uranus is just going in and giving her all the Uranian Grace, if there is such a thing, and if there is, she displays it to a perfection (***Virgo-Alert***), and blasting her out of this Atmosphere.

Her Lunar Center is in the 12th house, the house of unconscious, and all things we don’t want to deal with. Is her emotional Home. Then she also has Neptune conjuncting her AC, sitting in her first house. Giving us the Fantasy-Piscean world, only further pushing her out of the realm of normal-Earth-bound existence.

Yup, I am Bjorking so Hard right now. All Hail the Plutonian Queen.


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