2015-09-02-12-31-09_deco-01Welcome to Runaway Astrology, my name is Topher.

I originally launched R.A last year in August, and with a new up-to-date re-imaging I plan on taking what originally was the goal, and go further with it.

Astrology for me as always been an aspect of my life. Sun signs are just common knowledge, and I have always been aware of their influence on some level. The older I got the more, and more prevalent the science, and art of Astrology became more apparent and more integrated into my life.

Astrology it self is an amazing tool for self discover, and reflection on who one is as a person. It holds a blue print that can lead one to a more fulfilled life.

I think this adventure we call life, will be quite interesting. The original origins of R.A was to get lost in it, to runaway with concepts and ideas. But now it’s changed into finding like minded individuals who want to know more, and achieve more.

So, buckle up kids. It’s going to be a wild ride.

(2014 original thoughts)”